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Ability, Capacity, and Skills:

Our staff are proven professionals. They have expert content knowledge and superior consulting, coaching, facilitation, curriculum development, and program/project management skills as evidenced by advanced degrees, professional certifications, and records of achievements helping organizations achieve desired outcomes. The breadth and depth of staff competencies and availability to deliver services is more than sufficient to meet most requirements.

Our Approach and Methodology:

To achieve client outcomes, we provide professional consulting, coaching, facilitation, curriculum development, and program/project management services based on practical methods and practices, using proven experiences, and tailored to meet our clients’ specific situations and needs – no canned solutions, programs, or presentations.

We also recognize and understand the difference between training and development and applied learning. Attention to and understanding of both must be present to achieve successful learning outcomes. As a result, our training is focused on both the learning and the learner, and accounts for who, what, when, where, and how people learn – we believe successful learning is participative.

Our training, coaching, facilitation, and consulting approach stems from seasoned experience over many projects, in a variety of settings and at several levels of business and government. As a result, our approach is to:

  • Enhance value. Identify what is required and implement real change that provides real results to meet real needs.
  • Emphasize capacity building. Enables our clients to become self-sufficient long after the contract with our firm is complete.
  • Provide insight and perspective. Though client situations are unique, it is common to find problem and/or solution elements similar to those of other organizations. We make prudent use of and build on the experiences and successes of others.
  • Work in partnership with our clients. Outcomes are implementation focused and satisfy key stakeholders and constituent needs.

Maintaining Staff Qualifications and Capabilities:

Our staff are actively involved in academia and/or professional organizations that pertain to business performance. Qualifications and capabilities are maintained through an on-going rigor of research, practical experience, and professional collaboration. As a result of these activities and associations, we assure our staff are qualified and capable of meeting client expectations.

For example, our Principal taught full-time at the University of Washington–Tacoma Business Program. Currently, he teaches in The Evergreen State College Master of Public Administration Program. He also is the author of two leadership books: Competent Leadership and Leadership Nonnegotiables, has written 24 professional development courses, and has led the design and developed of several corporate (in-house) universities.

Finally, our staff regularly engages in professional development from both learning and teaching perspectives. The core of our training, executive coaching, facilitation, and consulting services are research-based and content pure to current leadership, management, and professional development approaches and practices. As a result, our staff has up-to-date content knowledge and proven consulting skills to ensure desired outcomes are achieved.

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