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Presenting the knowledge to lead, along with the practical lessons and experience to do it well.

Competent Leadership is about the knowledge to lead along with the practical lessons and experience to do it well. Though not a workbook, there are plenty of opportunities in this book to assess, examine, and develop your leadership and the environments (at work, home, and elsewhere) within which it occurs. The book presents proven and effective practices for strengthening leadership competencies, building effective and productive relationships, developing emotional intelligence, increasing communication and conflict resolution skills, improving decision making, enhancing motivation, and helping others succeed.

Book Reviews

“A must read for either an aspiring or experienced leader who wants a straightforward and common sense approach to leading people at any level.”

Competent Leadership is spot-on, emboldening the reader by offering simple yet impactful methods to energize leadership. The pages practically turn themselves.”

“Self-awareness and a sophisticated knowledge of what comprises effective leadership are crucial components for leading in contemporary times. Competent Leadership delivers on both.”

Competent Leadership offers good, easily digestible information about leadership; it’s of value to anyone at any level in an organization. I would highly recommend this book to anyone seeking to become a better leader.”

About the Author

T.S. (Steve) Marshall, Ph.D., is the founder and President of T. S. Marshall & Associates, Inc., based in Seattle, Washington. He provides leadership and professional development training, consulting, and coaching services to employees in the U.S., Australia, England, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Philippines, Korea, Poland, and Singapore. Dr. Marshall’s domestic and foreign travel, multicultural experiences, and personal relationships with people of many nationalities have resulted in substantial experience and expertise in leadership.

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